Zinc Die Casting Case Studies

Eastern Alloys publishes articles, technical papers, and brochures to support and promote the die casting industry. As a result, a library of technical literature is available to aid casters, designers, and materials specifiers. Customers use this information bank in their sales and marketing efforts. The technical and marketing staff at Eastern Alloys are available to customers for joint calls to OEM's on product development projects. What follows is an extensive library of technical information about zinc and zinc alloys.

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Recent Die Casting Case Histories

  • Antenna Base Manufacturer Gets the Signal to Switch to Zinc Download
  • Clamping System Cuts Service Time; Zinc Cuts Production Cost Download
  • Die Cast Zinc Bracket Aids in the Miniaturization of Scanner Technology Download
  • High-strength alloy finds new automotive applications Download
  • Zamak punches for less Download
  • Zinc cuts gear cost in half - and that's just for openers Download
  • Zinc die casting improves miter gear strength Download
  • Zinc die casting solves jigsaw puzzle Download
  • Zinc die castings vs. aluminum extrusions in heat sink applications Download
  • Zinc replaces plastic in safety application Download

Older Die Casting Case Histories

  • Die Cast ZA-27 Beats Steel & Aluminum Download
  • Die Cast ZA-27 Doubles Strength for Superwinch Download
  • Switching to ZA-12 Zinc Ironed Out Headaches for Rapidprint, Inc. Download
  • ZA-12 Die Castings Steers Gravely to 90% Savings Download
  • ZA-12 Pump Parts Eliminate Bearings and Chromed Steel Piston Components Download
  • Zinc anchors sent to the salt mines Download

Zinc Gravity Casting Case Histories (Lower Volume)

  • Forty Cast Iron Parts Switched to ZA Alloys for Machining Benefits Download
  • Grader glides with zinc's gearing properties Download
  • Gravity-Cast Zinc Alloys Finds Acceptance Download
  • High-Strength Zinc Sand Castings Save Major Manufacturer 44% Download
  • ZA Alloys Expand Permanent Mold Markets Download
  • ZA Castings Improve Surveyor Transits Download
  • ZA-12 Bearings Outperform Bronze in Steel Mill Download
  • ZA-12 Thin Wall Gravity Casting Download
  • ZA-12 Zinc Compressor Bearing Equals Bronze at Lower Cost Download
  • ZA-27 Sand Castings Replace Iron and Brass Hardware Download