Zn-Al-Mg Alloys

Eastern Alloys is North America's premier supplier of Zinc-Aluminum-Magnesium alloys for hot-dip coated steel products.  These alloys have superior corrosion resistance and formability, which allows for longer service, lower manufacturing costs and an overall lower carbon footprint. Eastern Alloys can provide a range of Zn-Al-Mg based alloys following the ASTM B1022 guidelines (shown below), or we can offer a unique blend...

Chemical Analysis
ASTM B1022
Al (%)E
Mg (%)E
(Max %)B
(Max %)
(Max %)
(Max %)
(Max %)
(Max %)
Type 1A,B,C5.0-13.02.0-
Type 2A,B,C3.0-4.92.0-
Type 3A,B,C3.0-6.00.40-
Type 4A,B,C0.50-2.90.40-
Type 5A,B,C0.50-2.92.6-
Type IIA,B,C4.5-6.20.06-0.150.3 Al, 0.05 Mg0.
A For purposes of acceptance and rejection, the observed value or calculated value obtained from analysis should be rounded to the nearest unit in the last right-hand place of figures, used in expressing the specified limit, in accordance with the rounding procedure in Section 3 of Practice E29. 
B By agreement between the supplier and the user, one or more additional alloying elements (except iron) may be specified up to a combined total of 1%.
C Zn-Al-Mg alloy ingot for hot-dip coatings may contain antimony in amounts of up to 0.002%. No detrimental effects on alloy performance have ever been noted due to the presence of this element up to this concentration and, therefore, analyses are not required for this element.
D For information only. Quantitative determination of this element is not required. Zinc is assumed to be the difference between 100% and the sum of those elements listedabove (or additional as specified and agreed upon between the supplier and user).
E The customoer may request specific targe levels for Al or Mg, or both. The listed tolerance will represent the acceptable range around the target that may be specified. For example, a customer may specify Type 1 alloy with a target Al level of 9%, then the acceptable range would be 8.5% to 9.5%.