Zamak 2

Zamak 2 offers the highest tensile strength, hardness and creep performance compared to the other zinc die casting alloys in the ZAMAK family.  Its higher copper content (3%) contributes to some of the improved mechanical properties but also affects the casting's dimensional changes after ageing (0.0014 in/in after 20 years).  This alloy is also easily cast, coated and machined as is typical with each of the ZAMAK alloys.

Typical Mechanical Properties
UTS:  ksi (MPa)Yield Strength:  ksi (MPa)Elongation:  %Hardness:  BrinellModulus of Elasticity:  psi x 10^6
52 (359)41 (283)710012.4

Typical Physical Properties
Density:  lb/in^3 (g/cc)Melt Range:  deg F (deg C)Electrical Conduct: %IACSSpecific Heat:  BTU/lb/deg FDie Shrinkage: in/in
0.240 (6.6)715-734 (379-390)250.100.007

Chemical Analysis
Ingot (ASTM B240)3.9-4.3.025-.052.7-3.3.035 max.004 max.0030 max.0015 max-balance
Die Cast (ASTM B86)3.7-4.3.02-.062.6-3.3.05 max.005 max.004 max.002 max-balance

Recommended Downloads

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