ZA-8 Permanent Mold

Although more commonly used in the die casting industry as a high strength, highly cosmetic alloy, ZA-8 is also cast using a gravity fed process known as the Graphite Permanent mold process.  It's lower aluminum content allows for the casting to be plated much easier than its ZA-12 or ZA-27 counterpart.

Typical Permanent Mold Mechanical Properties
UTS:  ksi (MPa)Yield Strength:  ksi (MPa)Elongation:  %Hardness:  BrinellModulus of Elasticity:  psi x 10^6
32-37 (221-255)30 (206)1-285-9012.4

Typical Permanent Mold Physical Properties
Density:  lb/in^3 (g/cc)Melt Range:  deg F (deg C)Electrical Conduct: %IACSSpecific Heat:  BTU/lb/deg FDie Shrinkage: in/in
0.227 (6.3)707-759 (375-404)27.70.1040.007

Chemical Analysis
Ingot (ASTM B240)8.2-8.8.02-.03.9-1.3.035 max.005 max.005 max.002max-balance
Die Cast (ASTM B86)8.0-8.80.01-0.03.8-1.3.075 max.006 max.006 max.003 max-balance

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