Technical Services

The purpose of the technical department at Eastern Alloys is to help our customers be competitive and produce high quality die castings. As our motto states:  "Helping Customers Succeed".  We offer services such as defect analysis, flow analysis and shot monitoring consultation, and can discuss how we can help with other various technical aspects of the die casting process and design issues that may help improve the production yield.    Training is also available to teach these types of topics to die casting engineers or even product design engineers.

Eastern keeps up to date with respect to the latest technology related to both the die casting process as well as die casting alloys and we regularly communicate this information to our customers. These technical services are free of charge to our die casting customers, and are offered as part of the benefit package of being to an Eastern Alloys customer.

A further description of Eastern's technical service programs are listed below. We review these programs and feel free to contact Ryan Winter to discuss how Eastern Alloys can provide a service for your company.  You can also download our Eastern Alloys Services Brochure.

Defect Analysis:

Determining the root cause and remedy of a die casting defect can be challenging. Often, an incorrect die casting defect diagnosis will occur resulting in far too many unproductive hours spent on fixing the issue. Eastern uses a metallurgical process of analyzing die casting defects. The combination of this metallurgical technique (using our own fully equipped metallurgical laboratory) and our long experience in the die casting industry helps us quickly and correctly diagnose the root cause of defects and offer suggestions to eliminate them. Click here to learn more about this process.

Included in this process is using (and teaching how to use) tools such shot monitoring, tooling calculators and Eastern's custom PQ2 program which helps analyze the casting process and calculate the vital die casting conditions such as cavity fill time and gate velocity.

Training Seminars:

As part of Eastern Alloys' technical assistance programs, we offer a wide range of training and informational based presentations for our zinc die casting customers and end users. Please ask us about these training modules including:

  • Fundamentals of die casting
  • Advantages of zinc die casting
  • Overview and comparison of die casting properties
  • Finishing Techniques
  • New alloys (including EZAC, the industries newest and strongest alloy)
  • Defect analysis
  • Die Casting tools such as PQ^2, and how to read a shot trace.
  • Other custom presentations...

To request an in person in-plant or on-line training seminar please contact Ryan Winter, or visit our marketing page that has a variety of videos including basic training of zinc die casting.

Chemical Analysis:

As an added service provided to preferred customers, Eastern Alloys makes its A2LA certified lab available for chemical analysis (OES/ICP) on samples of customer's products. Please contact one of our salesman to request a chemical analysis for product samples, and visit or quality page to downloadable our quality certificates.