Steel Coating Alloys

Eastern Alloys manufactures a range of zinc coatings for the steel coating industry, such as Galvalume, Galfan, and various master alloys and Brighteners for galvanizing processes.  In general these coatings are applied to offer both a physical barrier as well as a galvanic protection to improve corrosion protection for steel products.  Eastern Alloy's steel coating products come in shapes that meet the needs of the largest continuous steel strip and sheet-coating mills, after fabrication hot dip galvanizers, as well as high-speed tubing and wire coaters.

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Galfan is used on steel products requiring higher ductility/formability, with the same galvanic/physical barrier protection as galvanized products.

Brightener Master Alloys

Eastern Alloys manufactures both the 95-5 brightener (5% aluminum) as well as the 90-10 brightener (10% aluminum) alloys, which are used to convert a Galvaneal coating bath back to a Galvanizing bath or to maintain the aluminum content in the galvanizing bath on an on-going basis.


Eastern Alloys manufactures "Pre-mixed" Galvalume for those manufacturing facilities who do not want the challenges associated with the alloying process. Such challenges include purchasing the various metals to alloy, melting, mixing, and analyzing the alloys to ensure quality. Eastern also manufactures Aluminum Silicon master alloys that are also used to simplify the alloying process for Galvalume.

Nickel-Zinc Master Alloy

Eastern Alloys manufactures a Nickel-Zinc Master alloys for the Hot-Dip Galvanizing process.

Aluminum-Silicon Alloys

Eastern Alloys manufactures Aluminum Silicon alloys for various steel coating applications including a master alloy in the Galvalume process as well as a coating alloy for Aluminized steel.

Zn-Al-Mg Alloys

Eastern Alloy manufactures, and is the premier supplier of Zinc-Aluminum-Magnesium alloys for hot-dip coated steel products.