Galfan is used as a coating on steel products requiring higher ductility/formability, with the same galvanic and physical barrier protection as galvanized products.  This alloy is often used as a coating for wire or tube products.  Eastern Alloys can also produces several variations of Galfan with higher aluminum content, which are used to help maintain and adjust the bath chemistry or used in lines that are using a double dip process.

Chemical Analysis
Al (%)Fe (%)Pb (%)Cd (%)Sn (%)Si (%)Zn (%)
Galfan (B750)4.2-6.20.0750.0050.0050.0020.015balance

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Finished Product Examples

Gabion Fence - steel wire with Galfan coating

Chain-link fence - Steel wire with Galfan coating

The above pictures show various Galfan products that are produced by our Galfan customers.  The picture on the left is a Gabion wall (steel wire coated with Galfan).  The picture on the right is a steel chain-link fence also coated with Galfan.  Please Contact us to discuss your Galfan alloy purchasing requirements.