Brightener Master Alloys

Most Galvanizing lines have an annealing option.  In order to achieve an optimal annealing performance, the galvanizing bath chemistry is modified to 0.1% Aluminum (from 0.25% Aluminum for Galvanized coatings).  When converting the Galvaneal coating bath back to a Galvanizing bath, Brighteners are used to add the required aluminum content.  There are two forms of Brightener Alloys:  95-5 Brightener (5% Aluminum) and 90-10 Brightener (10% Aluminum).  In addition these Brightener alloys are used to maintain the aluminum content in the galvanizing bath on an on-going basis.

Chemical Analysis
Al (%)Fe (%)Pb (%)Cd (%)Sn (%)Cu (%)Zn (%)
95-5 Brightener (Type A3)4.5-5.50.02 (max)0.004 (max)0.003 (max)0.002 (max)0.03 (max)balance
95-5 Brightener (Type A4)4.5-5.50.15 (max)0.4 (max)--0.5 (max)balance
90-10 Brightener (Type A1)9.5-10.50.05 (max)0.005 (max)0.004 (max)0.003 (max)0.035 (max)balance
90-10 Brightener (Type A2)9.5-10.50.15 (max)0.40 (max)--0.5 (max)balance

Eastern Alloys produces a series of Brightener bar are used to modify the bath chemistry as needed by production.  Please contact us to quote your Brightener bar requirements.