Aluminum Casting Alloys

Eastern Alloys regularly distrubutes Aluminum die casting alloys A380 and A383 and A356 (gravity casting alloy).  Call us to discuss our capability of supplying other aluminum alloy.  We have the capability to sell full truckloads of aluminum alloys as well as mixed loads of aluminum and zinc alloys. Please call us with questions on our aluminum products.

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A380 is the most common Aluminum Die Casting Alloy used in North America.


A383 is a common aluminum die casting alloy with a higher content of silicon and lower copper. This alloy has slightly improved corrosion resistance, resistance to hot cracking, fluidity, and strength at elevated temperatures compared to A380.


A356 is the most common gravity casting alloy cast in North America. It has excellent fluidity, corrosion resistance, can be welded and heat treated (T5 and T6) to improve the casting's mechanical properties.