A356 is the most common gravity casting alloy cast in North America.  It has excellent fluidity, corrosion resistance, can be welded and heat treated (T5 and T6) to improve the casting's  mechanical properties.  Eastern Alloys distributes the A356 alloy, and is available in either partial or full truckloads and in combination with zinc die casting alloys.

Typical Cast Mechanical Properties in the T6 temper condition
UTS:  ksi (MPa)Yield Strength:  ksi (MPa)Elongation:  %Hardness:  BrinellModulus of Elasticity:  psi x 10^6
34 (234)24 (165)3.570-10510.5

Typical Die Cast Physical Properties
Density:  lb/in^3 (g/cc)Melt Range:  deg F (deg C)Electrical Conduct: %IACSSpecific Heat:  BTU/lb/deg F
0.0965 (2.67)1030-1140 (557-613)TBD0.230

Chemical Analysis
Casting6.5-7.50.20 (max)0.20 (max)0.10 (max)0.25-0.450.10 (max)0.20 (max)Balance
Ingot6.5-7.50.15 (max)0.20 (max)0.10 (max)0.30-0.450.10 (max)0.20 (max)Balance

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